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              明安心法農業 七不小黃姜
              但存方寸地 留與子孫耕

              How To Sprout Ginger Root (& Indoor Growing Tips) 生姜如何發芽(室內種植技巧)


              Prepare Ginger Root?準備

              • Take a before photo of your ginger root.拍一張姜根之前的照片。
              • Place ginger root between damp tea towels or paper towels. Towel should be moist but not soaking wet.生姜根放在濕茶巾或紙巾之間。毛巾應濕潤但不能浸濕。
              • Place towel in plastic food bag or container and stash in dark, warm kitchen cupboard.將毛巾放在塑料食品袋或容器中,然后藏在黑暗、溫暖的廚房櫥柜中。
              • Set reminder on your phone to check on it every 3 days.在手機上設置提醒,每 3 天檢查一次。
              • Check for changes by carefully unwrapping ginger root. Examine and photograph, then rewrap, bag, and return to cupboard.仔細打開姜根,檢查是否有變化。檢查并拍照,然后重新包裝、裝袋并放回櫥柜。
              • After 7-10 days the nodes on the ginger root will begin to swell and sprout roots.7-10 天后,生姜根上的節點將開始膨脹并生根。
              • In 4-6 weeks the roots should be long enough for planting. Some will be 2-3 inches long.在 4-6 周內,根應該足夠長,可以種植。有些會長 2-3 英寸。

              Plant Sprouted Ginger?植物發芽姜

              • After 4-6 weeks, when some roots are 2-3 inches long, it's ready for planting.4-6 周后,當一些根長到 2-3 英寸時,就可以種植了。
              • Fill 8-inch flower pot with potting mix leaving two inches below pot lip. Water thoroughly and top up soil as needed.用盆栽混合物填充 8 英寸花盆,在盆唇下方留下兩英寸。根據需要徹底澆水并補足土壤。
              • Lay sprouted ginger root on soil and cover in one inch of potting mix.?If planting several, allow a few inches between them in the container.?Water again and top up soil as needed stopping one inch below lip of pot.將發芽的生姜根放在土壤上,并覆蓋一英寸的盆栽混合物。如果種植多個,請在容器中讓它們之間留出幾英寸的距離。再次澆水并根據需要加滿土壤,停在盆唇下方一英寸處。

              Grow Your Ginger Plant種植你的生姜

              • Choose a sunny location but not in direct, hot sun where it could dry out. Ideal temperature is 75-85°F (24-29°C) with 40-50% relative humidity.選擇一個陽光充足的地方,但不要在陽光直射的地方,否則它可能會變干。理想溫度為 75-85°F (24-29°C),相對濕度為 40-50%。
              • Keep soil moist but not damp.保持土壤濕潤但不潮濕。
              • In 2-4 weeks shoots should emerge from soil and your plant will grow.2-4 周后,新芽就會從土壤中長出來,您的植物就會生長。






              How To Sprout Ginger Root (& Indoor Growing Tips)

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              These step-by-step instructions show you how to grow ginger root from the grocery store. By propagating the root you can grow a new plant that will also produce more ginger rhizomes (the part we eat).

              You can also?grow your own avocado plant from seed?and?grow mango using these instructions.

              Growing ginger from a grocery store root.

              Growing Ginger

              Ginger root and a ginger plant in a pot.

              Learn how to use ginger root from the grocery store to grow ginger plants. Grow them as houseplants or keep them outdoors in the summer in cold climates. As the rhizomes grow and spread, you will have ginger to harvest.


              What is Ginger??什么是生姜?

              Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a tropical?herbaceous perennial. If you live in a cold climate, this means you can grow it as a houseplant indoors year-round and keep it outside in the summer months, if you like.
              姜 (Zingiber officinale) 是一種熱帶多年生草本植物。如果你生活在寒冷的氣候中,這意味著你可以全年將它作為室內植物種植在室內,如果你愿意,可以在夏季將其放在室外。

              That ginger root that you buy at the grocery store is all you need to start your own ginger houseplant.

              It’s Really a Rhizome?真的是根莖

              To be more accurate, what we call ginger?root?is really a?rhizome. Roots grow from the rhizome, but we don’t eat those. But, the common term is?ginger root, so we’ll roll with it.

              Ginger is used as a spice for cooking, smoothies, and some baking like ginger snaps. You might use dried ginger, ginger powder, or fresh, chopped or grated ginger.

              For many years ginger was regarded as a good remedy for nausea (ginger ale), but research has not confirmed this.

              The Rhizome Grows the Plant?根莖長出植物

              The rhizome not only provides the spice but that’s the part we root and grow into a new plant.

              As it grows, more rhizomes will form, giving you new ginger to harvest.

              Some ginger growing methods soak the root overnight and then plant it. And this can definitely work.

              I prefer to use the method shown below because it guarantees I am planting a viable rhizome and won’t be disappointed.

              I’ll show you how to select a good candidate for rooting, how to make it sprout, and how to continue growing it as a houseplant.

              And I’ve answered?frequently asked questions about growing ginger here.

              How to Grow Ginger Root?如何種植姜根

              Sprouting ginger root and growing it into a houseplant.

              1???Choose Living Ginger Root

              Illustration showing where sprouts will grow on ginger root rhizome.

              TIP: If you’re planning to eat your ginger, if possible, start with organically-grown ginger, free of growth retardants.

              I use ginger from the grocery store, but you can also purchase it from some plant nurseries specifically for this purpose.

              Look for pieces that are firm, healthy-looking (not dry or shriveled), show no signs of damage, and have ‘eyes’ (see the circled example in the photo, above). These are the little nubs like the ones on potatoes that will grow roots under the right conditions.

              You might also find a piece of ginger that is sprouting in the store: that works fine!

              Start with 2 or 3 rhizomes if you want to be sure to get at least one plant.
              如果您想確保至少種植一株植物,請從 2 或 3 個根莖開始。

              If you want to go big, root 3-6 pieces of ginger and plant them all in one pot.
              如果你想做大,可以生姜 3-6 片,然后將它們全部種在一個花盆里。

              Related:?How to Grow Mango from Seed

              2??Sprout Your Ginger Root

              Ginger root rhizome with arrows pointing to nubs that can grow shoots.

              The arrows show nubs that will grow roots and shoots.

              • Wash and dry the ginger root (rhizome) and take a few photos of it.
              • Wrap it in damp (not soaking wet) cloth or paper towels and place in a plastic bag.
              Clear plastic food bag with damp paper towel and ginger rhizome inside.

              Ginger wrapped in moist paper towel, placed in plastic bag.

              It is possible that your ginger root may have been treated with a growth inhibitor, but the presence of emerging buds is a good sign it will sprout.

              • Stash bag in your kitchen cabinet. A temperature around 70°F (21°C) is fine. The combination of moisture and warmth will cause it to sprout.
                把袋子藏在你的廚柜里。 70°F (21°C) 左右的溫度就可以了。水分和溫暖的結合會使它發芽。
              • Set an alert on your phone to check it every three days.

              3??Monitor Growth

              Take photos! At first it will be hard to tell the nubs are growing but you can confirm it by comparing photos along the way.

              Ginger rhizome with arrows pointing to parts where shoots are starting to grow.

              After two weeks, the roots and shoots are starting to grow.

              • After approximately 7-10 days, you should definitely start seeing growth from the eyes/nubs.
                大約 7-10 天后,您肯定會開始看到眼睛/小塊的生長。
              • Return the ginger to the damp towel in the plastic bag until the shoots and roots are a few inches long.

              Here’s mine after 4 weeks:?這是我 4 周后的:

              Shoots growing from ginger rhizome after four weeks.

              Growth after 4 weeks in damp paper towel and bag.
              在濕紙巾和袋子中 4 周后生長。

              Be careful each time you unwrap and rewrap the ginger to avoid breaking any new roots or shoots.

              Here it is after 5 weeks:
              這是 5 周后的樣子:

              Ginger rhizome showing shoot after five weeks of growth.

              Growth after 5 weeks.??5周后生長。

              Related:?How to Grow an Apple Tree From Seed

              4??Plant Sprouted Root??植物發芽根

              After 4-6 weeks, your ginger root should be ready for planting in a pot. The largest roots and shoots should be a couple of inches long. I like?flower pots with saucers?like these ones.
              4-6 周后,您的生姜根應該可以種在花盆里了。最大的根和芽應該有幾英寸長。我喜歡像這樣帶有碟子的花盆。

              Planting sprouted ginger rhizome in flower pot with potting mix.

              This sprouted ginger is ready for planting after 6 weeks.
              這種發芽的生姜在 6 周后就可以種植了。

              The whole thing may look odd but if there’s new growth, you’re good.

              In the photo (above), I know that horn-shaped growth on the right is a shoot, not a root, so I have aimed it upward in the pot.

              If you are planting more than one sprouted ginger, use a nice wide pot and place them side by side with a few inches space between them for the rhizomes to expand.

              Pot Size and Potting Mix??花盆大小和盆栽組合

              Choose a pot several inches wider than your ginger root is long. If it’s 3-inches long, use a 6 to 8-inch wide x 6-inch deep pot with drainage holes. These plants grow wider as the root spreads.
              選擇一個比姜根長幾英寸寬的花盆。如果它長 3 英寸,請使用 6 到 8 英寸寬 x 6 英寸深的帶排水孔的花盆。隨著根的蔓延,這些植物變得更寬。

              • Fill pot with?houseplant potting mix?(we use the words ‘potting mix’, ‘growing medium’, and ‘soil’ interchangeably here but never use garden soil), water thoroughly, and gently press soil mix down into pot.
              • Plant sprouted ginger two inches below lip of pot. If you can tell which part is a shoot, aim that up. If not, the plant will sort it out as it grows.
              • Cover with additional inch of potting mix and water again. All parts of the ginger should be covered.

              Flower Pots?| Amazon
              花盆 |亞馬遜

              5??Ginger Plant Care?生姜植物護理

              Place your ginger pot in a warm, sunny (not hot) location.

              • The ideal growing temperature is higher than many of us keep our homes (75-85°F | 24-29°C). My house stays around 65-75°F (18-24°C) and it’s growing fine.
                理想的生長溫度高于我們許多人在家中的溫度 (75-85°F | 24-29°C)。我的房子保持在 65-75°F(18-24°C)左右,并且生長良好。
              • Keep soil moist (not soaking wet).
              • Like many tropical plants, ginger likes 40-50% relative humidity. Some gardeners use a?drip tray?filled with water?to catch water spills.
                像許多熱帶植物一樣,生姜喜歡 40-50% 的相對濕度。一些園丁使用裝滿水的滴水盤接住溢出的水。

              In 2-4 weeks, a shoot should emerge from the soil:
              2-4 周后,土壤中應會長出新芽:

              Ginger rhizome sprout growing in flower pot.

              Ginger plant growth two weeks after planting sprouted ginger rhizome in potting mix.

              Here it is about a month later:

              One-month old ginger houseplant grown from rhizome.

              Ginger plant 11 weeks after putting rhizome in damp paper towel.
              將根莖放在濕紙巾中 11 周后生姜植物。

              Six weeks after planting, my most recent ginger plant is 3-feet tall with one single stalk and 7 long, narrow leaves. It resembles a very tall, thick blade of grass.
              種植六周后,我最近的一株姜有 3 英尺高,只有一根莖和 7 片又長又窄的葉子。它就像一片很高很厚的草葉。

              Ginger houseplant after seven weeks of growth.

              As the plant grows, new ginger roots will develop in the potting mix.


              • If you’re going to eat the ginger rhizome, pick a safe, slow-release organic fertilizer suitable for food crops.
              • I switch around to test different products but right now I’m using a?fish emulsion?in very low doses each time I water.

              Harvesting Ginger

              • After a few years of growth, you can harvest some of the roots once per year, leaving the rest to continue growing.
              • The older the ginger root, the better the flavor.
              • You can also divide the older rhizomes to create several new plants.

              Outdoor Summer Care?戶外夏季護理

              • During warm months, you can keep your ginger outdoors in a sheltered location, avoiding blazing sun.
              • Follow normal precautions when bringing it back indoors for the winter including cleaning the plant and inspecting for insects or diseases.

              Frequently-Asked Questions??經常問的問題

              Vintage illustration of ginger roots with shoots and leaves.
              Can you plant ginger root from the grocery store?

              Yes, it is possible to roots some types of ginger from the grocery store. However, if the ginger has been treated with growth retardants, which are used to prevent sprouting in the store, it may not sprout for you at home either.

              There likely is not a way to check for this other than buying some and trying to sprout it.

              That said, I always use grocery store ginger for mine and have never had a problem.

              How long does it take to grow ginger?

              When you plant a ginger root (which is really a rhizome), it takes about 2-3 years for it to be mature enough to harvest. The older it is, the better the flavor.
              當你種植姜根(實際上是根莖)時,它需要大約 2-3 年的時間才能成熟到可以收獲。越老,味道越好。

              Sprouting a ginger rhizome for planting?takes a few weeks.

              Do ginger plants need full sun?

              Ginger likes direct but not hot sun. Ginger is a tropical plant originating in the understory of a tropical forest, so it likes moisture and warmth but not direct, hot sun.

              See the?ginger plant care tips here.

              Can I grow ginger in Canada?

              Yes, you can grow ginger indoors year-round in Canada and outdoors as houseplant in summer. Ginger is a tropical plant, not a hardy perennial.

              Should I soak ginger before planting?

              You do not need to soak ginger before planting. The paper towel rooting method offers all the moisture needed for ginger root (rhizomes) to sprout. If ginger is left to sit in water it will eventually rot.

              How do you harvest ginger?

              To harvest ginger, dig up the rhizomes and cut off the amount you wish to use from the outer edges of the rhizome. Allow the cuts to heal for a few days then replant the remainder.

              The edible part of a ginger plant is the rhizome, which is usually called the root.

              Is ginger a herb or spice?

              Ginger is a spice. Herbs come from the leafy part of plants. Spices come from other parts of plants and trees including bark, roots, and seeds.

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